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The Seed

The Seed

The Seed is a graphic novel in progress. I was inspired to write this story after an argument with friend in the pub one evening about the best approach to life. I found that I was unable to properly articulate my own ideas. I decided that I would try to write them down. I adopted the analogy of the seed 


The seed learns that in order to realise himself, he must follow his intuition. He discovers that it is his intuition to 'reach up' towards the light. He grows into a tree. Meanwhile, his fellow seeds, who initially ridiculed and rebuffed his ideas, make an idol of the seed in his first state of growth. The tree sends more seeds to liberate them, but these too forget the light. Finally, the tree returns to the soil himself. 

Note on text and images

The entire novel is hand-made. The text was hand written using a letter press set. The images are hand-cut and printed lino images.

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