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Art in Action Commission 2016

In 2016, Alice Clark and I won a commission to create a public, interactive sculpture for Art in Action. Art in Action is an art fair that takes place each summer in Oxfordshire. They proposed the sculpture as part of the celebrations for their 40th anniversary.


The brief was to create a sculpture that would enable all guests, from young children to the elderly, to engage with the idea of creativity. The budget for the project was £2000. 

The project that Alice and I devised was titled 'Curioser and Curioser'. We wanted to explore the idea that as creative beings, we realise ourselves through the process of making. We built three, twice-human size, figures out of willow. We invited the the public to fill-in the panels of these figures using coloured twine. The public were able to bring all their ideas and experience regarding colour and pattern to add their own individual contributions to the pieces. Through this process, the figures were literally 'realised' through the combined creative efforts of the contributors.

The sculptures were developed over the course of the three-day fair. They were enormously popular and drew crowds of contributors of all ages.

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