In my practice, it is very important for me to enjoy the process of making work. In particular, I find that I am drawn to repetitive processes that lead to a sense of meditative joy. In order to attain this state, I find that it is better if I do not have to make design decisions during the process. For this reason, I tend to set parameters beforehand. Whilst this may seem robotic, I find that all sorts of unforeseen varieties occur.

I work across different media including print making, photography, sculpture and drawing. When I approach a new material, I like to identify repetitive processes that seems appropriate to the material. For example, when working with a sheet of polystyrene, I removed the top layer ball by ball. When approaching different media, I like to observe and record the process that are particular to them. I especially like to record those parts of the process that are regarded as obstacles. For example, in print making it is typical to try to reduce plate tone. This led to me to produce a series of works of aluminium plate tone. 

The emphasis I place on joy in my practice stems from the belief that it is through following joy that we come to realise ourselves. In this respect, I am influenced by writers who are loosely aligned to a body of thought termed 'Individualism'. These include Henry Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Hermann Hesse.

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